Dwarf Juliet Cherry tree with yellowing leaves which drop

Asked July 7, 2020, 3:50 PM EDT

This Cherry tree has been living in our backyard for over a year, in a place which gets 6 hrs of direct sunlight. It's not yet fruiting. It's been a hot summer.
It is watered every day. It was given appropriate fertilizer last month.
It does not show signs of mold growth.
I'm concerned the condition will spread.

Erie County New York

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The yellow leaves are plant stress rather than a disease that you need to worry about. It may need an extra soaking when exceptionally hot and dry, Make sure that the container is draining properly.

Thank you for your prompt response! I'll try to keep it hydrated.
Assuming it continues, when should I be concerned?

It is a bit more vulnerable to heat growing in a container and some stress is to be expected. If you see it on its way to losing half of its leaves, you may need to think of other ways to protect it. Be sure that you do your watering in the morning when the plant needs it most.

Good luck!

Thank you very much for your help!!