Molting tarántula

Asked July 7, 2020, 3:43 PM EDT

Hi, I have a Mexican red knee who is in molting process, last week her enclosure fall from the table and I saw some of tarantula’s blood coming out of her leg, I went online and I found that It’s helpful to put cooking flower on it. I did it and she was good. Yesterday she started molting process in a very weird position, not on her back. She was molting upstanding. I left her alone and when I come back today she’s looking really weird and haven’t fully molt yet. She seems stuck on her skeleton. Should I help her ? If so, what do I do? I’m really sorry about it, she’s looking like a truck run over her

Westchester County New York

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That fall may have damaged her more than the leg. I do not know what you can do to help with the molt since her exoskeleton underneath is soft, if you pull on any part, that part may break off.