Walnut trees

Asked July 7, 2020, 12:27 PM EDT

We are planning on burning an old story and a half farm house, to make way for a new house. There are 2, I am guessing, 100+- year old walnut trees approx.30 to 50 feet away from this house. I don't want to loose these trees. So, my questions is, is burning this house that close to these tress going to affect them/kill them? The fire chief said that they can control the burn to a certain degree, basically burn away from the trees.

Washington County Minnesota

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Thank you for writing.
There is no data on this.
It is not clear why the house cannot be bulldozed and hauled away. Fewer emissions from carbon and toxics like plastics. Of course you can burn with the wind moving from the trees toward the house but the question of downwind fire hazards cannot be evaluated.

Mr. Steve Miles, I thank you for attempting to answer my question, but I took your response as a bit condescending, but maybe I am just having a bad day.
A couple of comments,
- what's worse burning all the materials that are in this house or burying them in a landfill for eternity?
- Yes I could bulldoze the house and have it hauled away, can you give me13K to have that done?
- I am sure the fire department that is potentially going to do this for me is knowledgeable about down wind fire hazards

Thank you for your response.
I apologize if I sounded condescending.
You asked about walnut susceptibility to fires of this nature.
The literature on this does not give specific guidance to your situation.

The walnut does not appear on lists of resistant trees. https://www.frontlinewildfire.com/can-name-fire-resistant-trees-answers-may-surprise/
This list defines them as medium. https://www.urbantreefarm.com/fire-resistant-trees.html
I am sorry that is the best I can do.