I am doing some landscaping. Have small backyard but looking to plant 3...

Asked July 7, 2020, 10:17 AM EDT

I am doing some landscaping. Have small backyard but looking to plant 3 evergreens for privacy and wind screen . Because of small area looking for smaller tree but tall enough for privacy . Did some research and found a tree called Paul’s select Norway spruce - grows to about 20 feet with smaller spread . Also it grows quickly 1-2 feet a year and is disease resistant . Lookin for 6 feet or so- can’t find them anywhere in Michigan. Does anyone know where I can find them here ? Considering baby blue spruce but heard it only grows 3 inches or so a year so it wouldn’t suit my needs. Thanks for any info you can provide . Lisa

Washtenaw County Michigan

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There are some local publications in Michigan with advertising that helps you locate specialty growers, nurseries, etc. in your area. One example is The Michigan Gardener, available at libraries in the magazine section and copies are also available at various garden centers and hardware stores in your area. Call around to various nurseries and see who can order the plants you’re interested in. Consider nurseries outside your immediate area, if need be. Ordering might take until next spring when most landscape companies order their plants.

You can check here for lists of nurseries, too


MSU Extension does not endorse or keep a listing of retailers or brands. Below are some resources to help you select alternative plants.

Remember to consider your growing conditions when selecting plants. Some prefer a certain type of soil, pH, protected or windy exposure, full sun or part shade. Also remember to look up and avoid any plants that could reach powerlines, and call ‘Miss Dig’ before planting so you don’t hit any utilities buried in the area.


Here are lists of hardy evergreens that are relatively pest and disease free. There will be cultivars available that are smaller and also look for ones listed as “fastigiate” or “columnar”. These will be more upright, narrower forms of the tree.



Colorado blue spruce is no longer recommended for Michigan- our humid climate allows too many diseases to infect the tree. Consider Swiss Stone pine, or Korean fir. Of course, you could choose two or more different trees.



A soil test is recommended before you decide on plants, so you can choose those suited to your soil type. A tree struggling to survive in unsuitable soil, sun exposure, etc is not going to grow well and will be more susceptible to diseases and pests: https://homesoiltest.msu.edu