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Asked July 7, 2020, 2:15 AM EDT

Dear, As I am very allergic to many things and I have red very itchy spots on my legs I got scared if it's from BadBugs. So, I started to look for them and first time I saw this bugs in my room and kids room. They are so hard to see without flash phone light and they are yellowish and pretty fast, even do something like jump away from my finger. They are on window shelves, on wall around, behind bad headboard. Please help me to identify if this is bad bugs?

Outside United States

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They are not bed bugs. I am not sure what they are and will reassign to a group that may know. Pat

The first 2 picture look like booklice. These insects do not feed on blood and would not bite humans. They feed on fungus (mold) so perhaps you have some moist spots inside your house where fungus can grow, or the insects are coming from outside.

The third picture looks more like an aphid. It may have wondered in or came in on some plant.

None of these insects will bite you, and they are definitely NOT bed bugs !

Mr Roberto,
Thank you very much for your fast answer and your politeness.
Ina Vukic

You're welcome, Ina!
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