Blueberry berry disease and treatment

Asked July 6, 2020, 10:07 PM EDT

What is this disease and how should I treat it if it's not too late? I include a picture. This is a cluster of berries on highbush blueberry in my Shoreline, WA backyard. Thank you! Frank Troth

King County Washington

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That actually looks like bird damage or some kind of mechanical injury. Here is a link on it:

Wow, thanks! That really looks like it. I've seen just a tiny bit of it in years past but never to this extent, so I just let it pass. I suspect the robins and/or starlings then, we've had a lot of robins this year. I don't ever see the birds on the bushes when going around to the side of the house where the several blueberry plants are, but I suppose that's not surprising. And this damage is just on the highbush variety now and currently ripest. I will try the reflective ribbon first I think, then the netting if necessary. Cheers! Frank