Purple coneflower no longer purple :(

Asked July 6, 2020, 8:36 PM EDT

Hello, We bought 9 coneflower plants from a nursery last year, in three different colors - purple, orange and pink/red - all very vibrant! Of the nine plants, four have blossomed so far, but sadly, they are all white! What kinds of conditions would make this happen? Is this normal, or should I ask the nursery for some type of refund? The only thing we've done to the soil is add acid to the three hydrangeas that are around this same area, in the hopes those flowers will turn from pink to blue. But I was careful to just do this around the hydrangea and not the full perennial bed. Thank you, Colleen

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Often bred cultivars will revert to the more "native" form. For example, I would not be surprised to see an orange echinacea revert to the native purple. But white is unusual and makes me suspect aster yellows, even though I don't see much typical aster yellows behavior in your photos. Look for deformed flowers or yellowing leaves. Read here:
Also here: