Tons of mini frogs on Grand Island

Asked July 6, 2020, 6:52 PM EDT

We were just bicycling on a dirt road on Grand Island this weekend. Near Murray Beach we suddenly saw thousands of very tiny gray frogs crossing the road as we rode down it for about half a mile! Each frog was maybe 0.5” long. What kind of frog might it have been and what were they doing?

Kent County Michigan

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Boy, that's a tough one without any photos. Based on the tiny froglets I usually see in the field and your description, I would say that they were likely recently metamorphosed or transformed American toads (or toadlets). They are about that size and color and often seen this time of year or a little later in the summer. Another possibility would be wood frogs, but they are usually more brown rather than gray but can appear gray if covered with mud/dirt. Sorry - this is the best I can do without photos of the frogs. If you get a chance to take a photo or photos of the frogs next time you see them, feel free to send them to me at, and I should be able to identify them for you if the photos are clear enough.

Thanks for your best guess. So, where we they all going and why?

Oh, and I looked up an image of the toadlets and you're totally right. That's what they were!

Glad to hear that they were toadlets! They likely had just metamorphosed/transformed into "adults" and were leaving the wetland in which they had developed to head into the surrounding forest and open habitats for the summer.