General leaf curl

Asked July 6, 2020, 6:21 PM EDT

Hi, Folks, I live in a suburban part of Dallas, and the landscapers planted aspen trees as a decorative element. These trees are suffering leaf curl, along with general withering; two out of three trees are affected. The diseased two are spreading sprouts into the adjacent lawn in a desperate attempt to stay alive. These sprouts also show sign of disease or chemical poisoning Other trees and plants in the yard, around the back and elsewhere show similar curling, but not as badly as the trees. I see the curling in other places around the neighborhood as well. The aspen leaves are perverted into a form that looks like a ginko leaf, triangular, rather than the typical aspen leaf shape. Other plants, all dicots, including wild plants as well as domestic ones, show ruffled edges, cupping and curling. Any ideas as to what could cause this in a fairly broad range of plants over at least five acres or so? Any ideas as to how to deal with it? Thanks for reading this, Good health!

Polk County Oregon

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Although Quaking Aspen is sometimes planted as an ornamental tree in the Willamette Valley, it is often prone to a number of disease issues which can cause foliar problems as well as cankers and branch dieback. However, you are describing similar symptoms on a wide array of plants, which often implies an environmental or cultural cause. The leaf symptoms you describe are similar to those caused by unintended exposure to phenoxy herbicides. These include commonly used products like Crossbow and Weed 'n Feed. Some of these products are volatile and when applied in warm weather they can tend to move from the site of application as vapor and affect nearby plants. I would need t see photos of affected foliage or leaf samples to confirm, so feel free to write back or to my email (below) to facilitate that. Thanks!