id'g plant

Asked July 6, 2020, 8:52 AM EDT

Can you please ID the attached plant? I have several plants like this and I think they're invasive and bad.......They're about 3-4' tall with these teeny white flowers on them right now. much thanks, Georgia

Olmsted County Minnesota

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Plant identification can be very labor intensive and takes a lot of time. Our job is made much easier if you provide is with as much detail as you can, including high resolution photos of the whole plant and various features of the plant, showing leaf structure, leaf attachment, flowers, stems, roots, size, and so on. We also can use any other information about timing and site, such as flower time, time the photos were taken, source of the plant (nursery, friend, etc.), where the plant is located (sun? shade?) and whether it is a perennial or an annual.

Even then, since you have the plant, you can often find the answer yourself much more easily than we can. Here are a few good ID websites:
In your case, the photos don't show me much and are of poor quality. Furthermore, it looks like the plant has been damaged, perhaps by herbicides. Perhaps a stickseed or a nightshade or a smartweed.