winter composting

Asked July 4, 2020, 5:39 PM EDT

I just moved to Hillsdale, MI (post retirement from the Air Force). We built a home on 40 acres and I'm planning a garden for next year (approx 10x10), plus a few bed around the house. I started composting - have a small bin in the kitchen, larger metal trash can with holes outside and a compost tumbler, ordered on the way. Is there anything I need to do during the winter months that I wouldn't do in the summer? The tumbler and trash can with holes will sit outside and have a nice sunny spot. I have another metal trash can without holes in the "she shed" and plan to store the final product there or should I go ahead and lay this rich soil in the potential garden spot for next summer? Is there any harm in laying the compost final product out months before planting? Thank you! Jenny

Hillsdale County Michigan

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Compost can stop 'cooking' in the winter due to low temperatures. For your compost to remain active in the winter, the pile needs to be at least 5' x 5’ x 5’ or insulated with piles of leaves or straw. Mixing in compost in advance of nest season is fine, since it will help improve soil structure and add organic matter.

Good luck in your new gardening endeavors!