Mite Identification (strange behaviour)

Asked July 4, 2020, 1:51 PM EDT

Hello, I'm from Spain, and I have a problem with mites. My neighbour is demolishing his house and the other day at night really tiny bugs began to exit through the plug socket (strange). They were around 0.5mm, brown and they seemed to jump. (When I tried to kill them, some of them suddently appear in my hand, arm etc). I was afraid that they were fleas or they were dangerous. I managed to capture some with tape and the next day I took a look into my microscope. Here I attach you the photo that I made. Thanks for your help.

Outside United States

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Your picture loos more like a tick than a mite. In the demolition, perhaps some animal nests were disturbed and the ticks or mites dispersed. They are definitely not fleas.

Household insecticides may be enough to kill some, and perhaps they will by on their own now that they do not have their host. They may not be able to like on humans, but I cannot tell from the pictures.