Diatomaceous earth and chickens respitory system damage

Asked July 4, 2020, 9:28 AM EDT

Hi, We are new to having chickens and have read a lot about the benefits of Diatomaceous earth in preventing mites etc. We have it mixed with the bedding in our coop and it becomes very dusty in there when the chickens do what they do. The majority of what I read is that it is wonderful stuff, but the dust in the coop has me troubled and the MSDS warns about breathing the stuff. I am inclined to remove it from the coop. Would it make any sense to have a dust bath area for them in their run with some DE in it, or no DE at all? Thanks, Ken Donaldson Corvallis

Benton County Oregon

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I would recommend moving the dust bath to the run rather than inside the coop. You could also just use sand as the dust bath. It would have the same benefit of controlling the external parasites without the risk of inhaling the DE.