Stink bug

Asked July 3, 2020, 12:18 PM EDT

I saw this stink bug on my raspberries. What type of stink bug is it?

Alpena County Michigan

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I am unable to tell exactly what kink of bug you have, but the link below should be helpful if it's important to know. The brown marmorated stink bug, of course, is the one that enters homes when cold weather strikes, living indoors in the winter and geerally being a nuisance. Stink bugs do not do any structural damage to homes and they do not sting or bite.

Stink bugs release foul smelling chemicals to avoid predators. They also give off other chemicals to attract other stink bugs. When a BMSB finds a suitable winter shelter, it secrets a chemical odor that attracts other stink bugs.To me, your photo doesn't look like this one, because I don't see the alternating dark and white bands around the abdomen.
Stink bugs are known to feed on tomatoes, peppers, corn, soybeans, wheat, clover, sorghum, peas, beans and okra among other food crops. They also go rampant on fruit like apples, peaches, figs, mulberries, citrus fruits, persimmons, grapes, raspberries and more. Unless you are seeing a lot of these critters, there is likely not a problem for your raspberries.