Serious looking bug bite

Asked July 2, 2020, 8:02 PM EDT

My 2 year old slept in the same bed as my mom 2 nights ago and now my mom has small bites all around her stomach and back but none on her arms and legs but they are starting to look like little pimples. My 2 year old has sensitive skin like I do and her multiple bites are on her arms and legs and very swollen. I sat my child down and looked at one of the bites trying to see if there was anything under the skin and as I'm pulling her skin a little tighter the bite burst out with pus. There was enough pus to cover the circumference of a nickel I'd say and it was kinda shocking that much pus came outta my 2 year old by simply moving her skin around to see if there were anything under the skin because it was very swollen. What on earth could have caused these bites and how do I figure out what I need to exterminate from moms lake house so this doesnt happen again?

Harrison County Texas

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If these "bites" persist, I suggest your child see your pediatrician. In general it's not good to break pustules and express puss because of risk of infection. If the site is warm to the touch it could be an infection--in any case a doctor's call. As far as a possibility that this could be caused by an insect, I suggest inspecting the home for signs of bed bugs. This poster shows the sorts of signs one might encounter if bed bugs are present Most bed bugs will be on the bed or within a foot or two of the bed.