Spruce bark beetle tree removal time frame

Asked July 1, 2020, 3:34 PM EDT

I have an apartment on a large lot in Anchorage with six very large mature spruce trees. One of those trees, which is in close proximity to another large spruce, is obviously infected with spruce bark beetle. Should i remove the infected one immediately or wait until the likely possibility of removing them all if/when they get infected? I've been watering the trees regularly.
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Anchorage Alaska

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It sounds like you are doing what you can to keep your trees as healthy as possible. But with the high load of beetle around it may not always be enough. You can remove infected trees, but you should wait until the flight period of the beetles is over. So wait until some time in August or later to cut them down. They should be processed or moved away from the healthy trees.
As for the healthy trees they can be sprayed with a pesticide which will help prevent further infection if beetles do happen to land on the tree. There are several outfits in the Anchorage area which do tree spraying.
For Alaska we have a good website which may provide answers to any other questions you have, https://www.alaskasprucebeetle.org/.