No berries this year on 40 foot holly

Asked July 1, 2020, 2:02 PM EDT

I have a huge holly that has produced a bountiful crop of berries every year for over 30 years. This season - none!. The tree flowered as always but any berries did not appear to have set. No bees? too much rain? A mystery. There is no construction nearby and no herbicides/pesticides used on tree.

Delaware County Pennsylvania

1 Response

It is possible the flowers dropped without forming berries due to dry weather. In response to drought (which we have had lately) a holly will drop its flowers. It is also possible our late cold snap (after being warm) killed the flowers. You may have seen flowers but they may not have developed properly. Hollies also stop berrying if they start getting too much shade, but that does not sound like the problem with your holly. Hollies also require a male nearby for pollination. It is possible the nearby male was removed. My best guess, though is the drought. There is nothing you can do but hope for a better year next year.