Competition with Burning Bush

Asked July 1, 2020, 10:31 AM EDT

I have several burning bushes in my yard. Yes, I know they are not native and can be invasive, but removal is not an option (if I want to maintain marital harmony). Anyway, I have 2 pots of flowering annuals and one is near a burning bush. I may be imagining things but it seems as though the one pot near the burning bush is not doing as well and the other pot. Blooms seem to die off and not reemerge as quickly. Both the pots and the burning bush get full morning sun as they face southeast. Does burning bush emit something to discourage the growth of any nearby vegetation?

Garrett County Maryland

3 Responses

We do not have research that burning bush discourages the growth of nearby vegetation.
It may be helpful to send us photos of the site and the plants in the containers so we can see what you may be dealing with. Perhaps one of the plants may have an immature or poor root system than the other, drainage may be different, slight difference in location, etc. We look forward to your photos.


I may have been hasty to conclude that the burning bush was sabotaging my other flowers. I have since come to believe that it may have been precocious deer coming into town to rob the seed out of my neighbor's bird feeder and then munching on some vegetation in the process. I found other signs of deer browse in my veggie garden, Interesting that the deer browsed one flower pot but not the other and they had the same flowers.

Anyway, thanks for your prompt response.