leaf curl at top of tomato and pepper plants

Asked July 1, 2020, 10:24 AM EDT

These were the last plants into the garden, put into a freshly tilled area due to flooding in my yard. This seems to be affecting the paste type tomatoes and some peppers. Homeowner did use a strong weed killer in that area not knowing at that time she would be using it as garden space. Could this be a factor?

Genesee County Michigan

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Thanks for the question. This could be a problem with an earlier herbicide treatment but is dependent on the herbicide used. If the herbicide is know, the label should give an indication of the time to replant. Tomatoes seem to be particularly sensitive to herbicides.
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Did you look at the photo? Only the top half is affected. Could there be something else going on?

Yes, the picture was examined and it does appear to be herbicide damage. There is a virus called "curly top". It can show somewhat similar symptoms. If the herbicide is known we can eliminate it as factor.