Is Stiltgrass in any of these pictures?

Asked July 1, 2020, 10:14 AM EDT

Can you determine the weed/grass in these pictures? Is there Stiltgrass in any? Are any an invasive species. Thank you John Mandryk

Garrett County Maryland

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Hello John,

We do not see Stiltgrass, but cannot positively identify the various weeds pictured. When they bloom (if you keep them that long), identification will be much more straightforward as it is a key component of plant ID. You can submit photos of the flowers (and the rest of the plant again) if you choose not to remove them just yet. As an example, other features that help with plant identification include:
- leaf attachment (base wraps around entire stem or not, etc.)
- leaf arrangement (opposite, alternate, whorled)
- stem shape (in cross-section - round, square, triangular) and whether or not it's hollow or solid
- leaf texture (bristly/raspy/sandpapery, smooth, fuzzy, spiny, etc.)
- leaf shape (though this can be variable depending on plant age and growing conditions, so is less reliable)
- sap or other fluids (milky sap, stinging hairs on stem, etc.)