Monarch Butterflies

Asked June 30, 2020, 7:39 PM EDT

I live in St. Joseph, very near the beach. The milkweed flowers are in bloom and smell wonderful but the butterflies are missing. We usually have thousands but, for some reason, they have not returned this year. Just wanted to report for possible research. Thank you.

Berrien County Michigan

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Thanks for your report. We have had a bit fewer adult monarchs showing up in the Traverse City area this spring, but not far out of the ordinary. The adults that arrived in your area have either moved on or they have laid their eggs and died off by now. Hopefully you'll have a more normal quantity in the next generation.

Thank you for responding. I walk the beach everyday and just returned. It still seems very strange that I would not see one Monarch when there were thousands. I look everyday.

I experienced a "no monarch" year on my property in 2018, plenty the year before and the year after. Insect populations are very hard to understand or predict.

They probably know something we humans do not know