Wild bird ID

Asked June 30, 2020, 6:29 PM EDT

Hello, My young son found this bird nest while raspberry picking. We were wondering if you could tell us what specie they are? I am so sorry about the raspberries in the nest. He thought the hatchlings might be hungry. I gently removed the berries and lectured him about not upsetting the nest again. The nest is maybe 3.5 ft off the ground and beautifully woven from moss and grass. The eggs are small raspberry sized and blue speckled.

Prince George's County Maryland

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We aren't certain about the ID, but Vireos make hanging nests tied to tree or shrub twigs like this. (Orioles do to, but the nest shape is a bit different and elongated.) There are about 7 species of Vireo recorded in Maryland: https://www.marylandbiodiversity.com/viewChecklist.php?genus=Vireo

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology (an good bird-info web resource) has a site called NestWatch (https://nestwatch.org/), where it appears you can submit photos (though possibly only for nests being regularly monitored) and peruse listings of commonly-encountered bird nests.