Tiny brown bugs in house

Asked June 30, 2020, 2:29 PM EDT

We have many tiny brown bugs throughout our house. The attached photo shows the bug beside my finger. You will have to enlarge the photo to see it. Any help identifying this bug and suggestions on how to get rid of them is greatly appreciated. Thank you, LeRoy Lydic

Lincoln County South Dakota

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I can see that it is arthropod, but it's so small that I can't make an identification without a microscope.

If you can, please send some of them in a hard-sided container to the Plant Diagnostic Clinic on campus - https://www.sdstate.edu/agronomy-horticulture-plant-science/sdsu-plant-diagnostic-clinic/submission-forms-guidelines or to the Pierre Regional Center (412 W Missouri Ave, Pierre SD 57501).

Are there any plants or animals (pets or otherwise) in the home? Are the critters localized to one are of the house?

There are no animals in the home. A couple of house plants. We have seen these bugs all over ver the house but especially on a shelf in the shower under the shampoo bottle and in the sink, and also we’ve seen quite a few on the inside sill of the refrigerator when you open the doors. we’ve set out glue traps in various places but haven’t caught a lot. We live on the edge of town in a new development and there are a lot of weeds, dirt and a corn field right behind our house. Not sure how we can capture samples without squishing them as they are so small.

Any produce brought in from the garden or farmer's market?

If you can't get any to us to look at under a scope, I would suggest just wiping them up. They appear to be small enough that mechanical means will be enough to take care of any you see.