Is this poison ivy or a look-alike

Asked June 30, 2020, 10:57 AM EDT

Our yard has a huge amount of poison ivy we are attempting to get under control, and I just found these three seedlings within my garden (not attached to a vine). They look identical to each other, and are alternating leaves of three. However, the most mature of the three seedlings also have a group of five leaves at the very top. Is this poison ivy? Now I'm scared to go back in my garden. Please help, I'm on week four of a rash covering every limb of my body, and I'm scared of everything at this point!

Howard County Maryland

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This is not poison ivy.

It looks like either a walnut tree or tree of heaven seedling. Crush a leaf in a gloved hand. If it smells repugnant/funky (rotten peanut butter) it is tree of heaven, a bad invasive tree.

If it smells nice, sort of fresh and spicy, it is walnut. That is native and okay to grow.

You can look at images of seedlings of these online.