Those Creeping Lawn Weeds

Asked June 30, 2020, 9:04 AM EDT

I have a large infestation of Creeping Charlie/Jenny and Ground Ivy in my lawn. Purple, Yellow and White flowers. I have used the Brush Killers that stay away from Dicamba. This has been used as directed and will wound the weeds, but not kill them, and they soon recover. What would be best to use? I see Roundup for Lawns has Dicamba and I do not want to kill trees or the wife's garden. That would mean my death. What would be better to get a handle on this? Alan

Codington County South Dakota

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I think we are talking about Field Bindweed or creeping jenny, which is a difficult to control weed because its a prolific seed producer (1 year of weeds is 7 of seeds) and it has a long taproot/root system that can reach several feed below the surface. Pulling is of limited control even if you do remove some of the roots but it will also be effective at keeping it from re-seeding this year. There are some labeled herbicides, however control this time of year is difficult as energy is going into growth so you're just killing the tops, and at risk of damaging your wife's vegetables as herbicide will volatilize easily and can drift into the garden with these temperatures. We're always hearing about organic homemade remedies containing dawn dish soap and vinegar, and this will also kill the leaves but is not an effective permanent solution.

A fall application, typically near the first frost, will be most effective. Cooler temperatures means better absorption and the plant is putting energy into the roots for winter, so herbicide will then kill the roots as well. There are a good number of choices for controlling this weed all available at the stores or your local greenhouse