Exploring Coturnix for backyard pets.

Asked June 30, 2020, 8:55 AM EDT

I am considering keeping a few Coturnix as pets. Is there somewhere I could visit a flock? Are there any diseases one could catch from them? (I am about to be a nanny with a newborn grandson.) What is the minimum number of Coturnix in a "happy" backyard flock? Can they endure outside during a Raleigh winter? How would I accommodate them, if necessary? I have an area under my deck that is about four feet high and enclosed with lattice and a door. I plan to use chicken wire to keep them inside during the night and corrugated plastic under the deck to keep them dry. Does that sound reasonable? Are you aware of Coturnix for sale?

Wake County North Carolina

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You have reached the national eXtension program. Your question is very location-specific. I suggest you contact your local extension office.
You could try the National Poultry Improvement Plan site - http://www.poultryimprovement.org/statesContent.cfm - for breeders in your area. They may be able to give you some information.