When is it too hot to fertilize a lawn ?

Asked June 29, 2020, 10:23 PM EDT

I generally apply a second application of fertilizer to my lawn around the 4th of July. When is it too hot to apply granular fertilizer to a bluegrass/fescue established lawn ?I do have an irrigation system but with the high temperatures being projected for the next several days, I don’t want to do damage to the turf . Harold Deines, Greenville

Montcalm County Michigan

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It is wise to be wary of fertilizing your lawn during hot weather. The best time is when temperatures remain below 85 degrees Fahrenheit with overcast conditions, using a slow-release formula. Extra fertilizer in the heat can burn the lawn and the extra flush of growth may have difficulties in the summer heat. Dormant lawns should not be fertilized. However, if you have a sprinkler system and water is available, summer fertilization can be beneficial. I’m attaching an article from MSU Extension which explains summer lawn care.


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