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Asked June 29, 2020, 9:06 PM EDT

Last night I received a request for an ID of two plants. The first has strands of tiny white flowers, no fruit. The plant is about 90 years old. :-0. The second will be in another post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Richard

Louisa County Virginia

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If you can also send pictures of the flowers, that would be helpful as well as a description of the site (full sun/shade, wet/dry, disturbed site, etc.)

Morning Adam,
The client didn't include any photos of the flowers. She did send 3 others which I'll attach. From the photos I'd say it's in full sun and a dry location. The site is undisturbed also.

I've polled our members, but haven't received a reply.

Richard Hinde_President LouisaEMG

Have you figured this out yet?

Evening Adam,
Yes, one of our interns ID the plants. The first was a Spirea and the other a quince according to her.
Thanks for your time and help.

I checked this on with one of our specialists and received this:
Bridalwreath spirea
Spiraea prunifolia