flying ants

Asked June 29, 2020, 6:40 PM EDT

We have a lot of flying ants in our house. There are a couple of places on high shelves with debris, ant parts, etc. under damaged sheetrock ceiling. should we call an exterminator? I have been trying borax and honey traps. I don't like to use pesticides.


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There is a possibility you have a carpenter ant nest in or near your house. I would need to see a sample to identify what type of ant you are dealing with. Carpenter ants can damage the wood supports in your house, other ants species are just nuisances. Depending on where you live in Wyoming, you could take a sample of the ants to your local Extension office and they can send it to Laramie for me to identify. Please send more than one ant as Murphy's Law of insect identification says that if you only have one specimen, the part you need to look at will have fallen off that specimen during shipment. If you can take good clear, close up photos and send them to me at:
I may be able to identify them from the photos. Knowing the ant type you are dealing with can help you get the right kind of bait product to control them.