What plant is growing in my lawn?

Asked June 29, 2020, 4:35 PM EDT

Hi, Can you please identify this plant that keeps sprouting up? I mow them & they grow again. My guess is possible tree roots/suckers. Can they be stopped? Thank you for your time, Kimberly

Minnehaha County South Dakota

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Was a tree of shrub removed from the area? I cannot identify it. I have sent pictures to another MG but have not heard back. I suggest that you keep cutting them off, often, and wear out the roots. If I find anything more I will reopen this and send you more information.


Hi Sue,

No shrub has been removed but I wonder if it could be from neighbors tree? I will include photo of tree.

I meant to say tree or shrub. I cannot get a good comparison of the leaves from the picture of the tree you sent. You might try putting the leaves next to each other to see if there is a similarity, It appears to be a clump of birch or aspen. The aspen will sucker in the yard but usually after the tree is cut down The birch does sucker when cut to the ground, which this one isn't, and the suckers seem to stay around the base. I am wondering if there was another tree nearby that is no more and these are suckering from the rootstock roots. The rootstock generally is a different variety, generally more hardy, from the main tree, as most deciduous trees are grafted, Options to cutting or mowing to get rid of them are few when they are in the lawn, But to get rid of them you must cut them immediately and even then it may take a couple of years to get rid of them. Poison is not a good idea especially if the tree they are coming from is still living. Does the neighbors' yard have the same problem?

Keep on being a detective and let me know what you find,

I had a locust tree that suckered off the roots in the yard. Sumac also is prolific, but it is not either of those. I have read about aspen trees suckering in the yard years after dying, and some while still living, If your neighbors tree is an aspen it may be the culprit. I will keep looking through the literature too.