Top of tomatoes leaves rolling up

Asked June 29, 2020, 1:06 PM EDT

I have beautiful tomatoes but the tops of the plants are all curling up I've got plants in four different places some are worse than others but I water them as needed probably daily when it's so dry right now in the morning I've got mulch (grass clippings)at the bottom so they don't get dirt on on the leaves so they don't get blight. They look beautiful except for the tops all rolled there is no leaf rolling on the bottom of the plants it's just the top

Morrison County Minnesota

2 Responses

If they haven't been exposed to herbicides, I still think they are telling you they need water. The curling leaves is an attempt to conserve moisture. You probably need to water them for a longer length of time. Consider a ground soaker hose. Depending on your soil the water may just be draining away before the plants and take it up. A slow drip will allow the plants to access the water.

Thank you for your response The ground is very moist underneath. when I water them they still don't uncurl they've never uncurled yetThe plant is growing they're blossoming there's tomatoes on them.obviously this curling isn't hurting them because they are still growing in the are producing but they just look tough