Plant ID

Asked June 29, 2020, 12:58 PM EDT

Can you identify this plant? Friend or foe?

Minnehaha County South Dakota

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I am curious where this plant is growing. Is it in an aquatic environment? Your picture is much like a Bur-reed, Sparganium americanum. They are found in NE MN, not that far away, What more can you tell me about it. Blooms? Fall appearance? How tall is it? The foliage looks faded in your picture, How would you describe the shape and color of the reeds?

Whether it is a friend or foe, if it is bur-reed, depends greatly on where it is and if it is interfering in an area that you have other ideas for,

Please be a detective and provide additional information. I have never seen the plant before and am greatly interested in what more you can tell me. Thanks,