Is this a barn spider

Asked June 28, 2020, 1:32 PM EDT

Is this a barn spider? Proximately 1 3/4 inches wide found in Mill city Oregon today

Linn County Oregon

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Thank you for the nice picture. It is not a barn spider - specifically, it is not the species (Araneus cavaticus) that was the inspiration for Charlotte of Charlotte's web fame. You can read about that species at this website:

Your spider looks like a giant house spider or possibly a hobo spider. It would take a closer look at the underside to be sure about the species identification. Hobo spiders have an undeserved reputation as being extremely dangerous. While I wouldn't encourage you to get bitten by any spider, hobos, like almost all spiders, do not have a venom that is particularly lethal to humans.

Here is some more information on hobo spiders

and their identification

If you still have the spider, you can take it your extension office for help with the species identification.

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