No new growth on my Brandywine Cherry tomato plants

Asked June 28, 2020, 9:57 AM EDT

Hi there! I am wondering if you can tell me why some of my Brandywine cherry tomato plants seem to have stopped putting out new growth. One of them seems to be doing fine and is putting out new stems and leaves along with fruit, but three others in the same row have plenty of green fruit that is developing but no new leaf or stem growth. All of my tomato plants have leaf roll due to the excessive rainfall we've had in the previous weeks, but the new growth (on the tomato plants that ARE putting out new growth) is all normal-looking. In the attached photos, the first photo is from a tomato that is growing normally and the second two have seemed to stop growing new leaves. Thanks in advance! -Suzanne

Yamhill County Oregon

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Hi Suzanne, tomatoes are the heart and soul of a summer garden, so we want them to thrive. You are correct in that they have physiological leaf roll. This collaborative publication is from Oregon State, Washington State, and University of Idaho Extension. Their recommendations are to keep water amounts consistent; something you can’t control if it rains. The plants will continue to grow and produce fruit.

From the photos it was hard to tell if the tomatoes in photos 2 and 3 still have growing tips or if they have topped out like you would see for a determinate tomato plant. This helpful fact sheet from San Bernardino County, California Master Gardeners has a clear drawing of the differences in growth patterns between determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. If they do not have any new growing tips, it is entirely possible that there was an unintentional seed mix-up and the plants are determinate.