plant identification

Asked June 27, 2020, 8:46 PM EDT

Do you know what these plants are?

Lane County Oregon

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Hi and thanks for contacting Ask an Expert.
The first plant is a Ceanothus and should produce blue flowers which the pollinators love. It's a sturdy plant and yours looks extremely healthy. They are found through southern Canada down to Mexico and have the ability to fix nitrogen in the soil, which is important for other plants as it is easily accessible to them. I am attaching some links for your review. They don't need an abundance of water.
The second plant is a member of the sage family. Commonly know as Jeruselem Sage or Phlomis fruticosa. It is also drought tolerant and the pollinators love this one too. I have read that people also pick the flowers and drink the nectar. It is a very tough evergreen shrub and the tubular yellow flowers are presented on dazzling spikes. Here is a link with some further information on this plant.
Both plants need a little watering not much and both do well with organic matter and not a lot of fertilizer.
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thank you so much!!

You are welcome. Enjoy the plants.