Feed Formulation Analysis

Asked June 27, 2020, 6:43 PM EDT

My name is Rotimi. I'm a Nigerian. Presently I'm preparing a proposal on 1000 Birds Point of Lay(week 14 and above). Feed formulation is the pillar of Egg size and Egg quality of Birds. I need a standardized feed formulation that is cost effective and mortality preventable. At the moment, my feed formulation is as follows 1) White Maize 2) Soya Beans 3) Spent Grain 4) Limestone 5) Methionine 6) Lysine 7) Bone Meal 8) DCP 9) Growers and Layers Primix 10) Toxinbinder 11) PKC 12) Protease enzymes

Outside United States

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I'm afraid diet formulations are very site-specific. Without knowing the nutrient content of the feedstuffs being used, it is not possible to formulate a diet. You do have the right ingredients. Are the soybeans whole or soybean meal? If whole, are they roasted? If soybean meal, is a solvent or expelled extracted? Ditto for the PKC. Does the premix have vitamins AND trace minerals? Breed/strain of hens? Management system? Mixing capabilities? There is a lot more information that would be required to even fathom a guess on a diet formulation for you.