Please help to identify this plant

Asked June 27, 2020, 1:43 PM EDT

The plant is about 3 ft. tall. This is a top view.
Leaves are alternate.
The stem is purplish and angular - you can see a bit of stem from another plant just to the left.
It hasn't "bloomed" yet, but I want to remove it from my native area if it is invasive/aggressive.
Thanks for your help.

Chisago County Minnesota

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I've been watching this plant and here is what it currently looks like.
I don't think it is cardinal flower.
I hope the "bloom" is focused well enough for you to identify it.
do you have any other ideas/suggestions?

It looks like a cardinal flower. The left could be a creeping bell flower. Time will tell.

All of these photos are of the same plant. The angle of the camera causes the color to change slightly.
What else besides creeping Bellflower might it be?
The tall flower spike shows no evidence of purple.

Gardening is patience with dirt on it.

I really do appreciate your help and ideas.
One last post of better photos.
Then I'll wait for a change in the plants.
There are branches with more of these "flowering" tips coming from the axils of the upper leaves.
And more "blossoms" coming from the axils of the upper upper leaves on each branch.
The middle photo is a closeup of the top spike.

Let me know how this turns out.
Seriously. I am curious.

It is bellflower.
I just wasn't patient enough.
How do I distinguish if it is "creeping Bellflower" or one of the others?
I need to know if it is invasive or to be let grow and seed.

I had an infestation of creeping bell flowers and I find the leaf AND the tip as shown in the left hand pictures to be best. I was mislead about cardinal flower because the perspective in the first picture, looking downward as opposed to sideways on the tip made it look like a blossom.
Bellflower is a nuisance. Many people (including me) tolerate it for its pretty flower. It spreads. Fortunately, it is easy to pull out and after three years, it is gone now. Thank you for your patience.

I'm learning more and more about natives.
Is it possible this plant of mine was a "tall American Bellflower?" - native, non-invasive?
Looking at the flower, it looks more like:
than the creeping bellflower bloom -

Maybe some of them will come back next year and I'll know what to look for as the "distinguishing feature".

Too bad I have to wait for the bloom to tell the difference. Is there something else that you can think of that would be noticeable for me?


Thank you for writing back.
The creeping bell flower is about 1-3 feet.
The American bell flower is 2-6 and accordingly has a more robust stem.
Time, my friend, will tell you.