Grape vine or poisonous vine?

Asked June 26, 2020, 6:58 PM EDT

Hi! This suddenly started growing in our front yard. Some people are saying it’s a grape vine... im not sure because it looks like some poisonous ones ive googled. I live in Repentigny, 10 minutes from Montreal, Quebec.

Outside United States

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Wild grape plants can look similar to moonseed. Based only on these leaves, I’m not certain which plant you have. Are there tendrils on the vine? Perhaps send more photos. Grape usually has tendrils and Menispermum canadense (Moonseed) does not. The seeds are quite different, but have you seen fruit yet?

I’ll offer links to pages for identifying these plants. We’ll try to help using photos. Consider asking plant experts in your area who can look at the actual plant, though, given the toxicity concerns.