Tomato plants size difference

Asked June 26, 2020, 12:23 PM EDT

Both plants are bearing fruit but the one in the raised bed is much smaller and both were planted on the same day. The thin one is Sun Gold and the big one is Early Girl. I used some bags of supposedly good composted manure in the raised bed. Could that be the problem?

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- there are many different factors that accelerate or slow plant growth. Sun Gold is open-pollinated and Early Girl is a hybrid. Hybrid vigor is one possible explanation. The Sun Gold leaf color indicates that it could benefit from fertilization. Sunlight exposure, spacing, aphid infestations, transp[lant size and condition, and age of seed, are some other possible factors. In a typical garden with say 10 tomato plants of the same cultivar, you will often see growth and yield differences.