Will my Turkey chick's beak grow back?

Asked June 25, 2020, 10:31 PM EDT

I have 3 turkey chicks, around 6 weeks old. Today, two of them cracked their beaks at the top where their nares are (from putting beaks through the fence) and now their nares are gone. They aren't bleeding, and seem to be eating and drinking. Question is: will the top of beak where nares are grow back?

1 Response

They will heal, but never grow back like the original. The nares will be a nub and the beak will have a bump. Another way to think of the missing nares is that it is similar to a fleshy part of a persons body. It will come back but obviously scarred. For the damaged beak like damage to finger/toenails for example if they were crushed. They will comeback, but malformed.

Hope my explanation makes sense.