Mushrooms Blooming on my Front Lawn

Asked June 25, 2020, 8:56 PM EDT

What can I do to permanently eliminate mushrooms appearing on my tall fescue front lawn? The sod was laid last Fall after removing a large red maple tree and some of the larger and more obvious roots. Could the decaying roots underground be providing the environment for mushrooms to bloom? What effect do decaying roots have on the nutrients in the soil?

Prince George's County Maryland

2 Responses

Various species of mushrooms may appear briefly in lawns and landscapes when conditions are just right, usually after wet weather. A mushroom is the spore-bearing or fruiting structure of a fungus that grows in the soil. The fungus feeds on dead organic matter such as dead tree roots, buried logs, and stumps. These fungi may live for many years until the wood is completely destroyed.
Mushrooms cause no harm to a lawn, although some species are very toxic if consumed. There is no practical or permanent way to eliminate mushrooms. If mushrooms must be removed, simply pick or kick them over (and remove them if you like) as they appear.


Thank you for your response. I have been removing them by hand as they appear, being sure to get the stem as well. I don’t like the way the lawn looks when they get too large or numerous. In these cloistered times, it’s a good opportunity to get some fresh air