Asked June 25, 2020, 2:13 PM EDT

Hi there I am so so hoping someone can help me before I loose my mind! Moss is taking over my whole yard. Literally the WHOLE yard. I have tried MossEx and other moss killers and nothing works. What is frustrating is the moss is growing in SUNNY spots, It has gotten worse each year and I don't know why. I have heard it grows in moist shade, which if it was only in those areas I could understand but it's not. It is in sunny spots and it is destroying my lawn. I can literally peal it off like carpet. I have taken a whole section in my backyard and pealed it off, dug up all of the soil added peat moss mixed it in and reseeded. I don't want to do that with the whole lawn unless I know it won't come back. I have done a soil test kit but in all honest have no idea how to read it or what the levels are supposed to be. I have included pics of the test kit analysis. If you can please please help me and tell me how to get rid of this horrible stuff I would so greatly appreciate it.

Anoka County Minnesota

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What is going on is that you have the perfect growing conditions for moss and your turf is not thick enough to stop the moss invasion. The pH of your soil is in good range for turf grass.

Looking at the soil test it appears that your soil lacks nitrogen which is essential for for a healthy turf. You should follow Gerten's directions to amend the soil. It should improve your turf.

Do you mulch your grass clippings? If you don't you should because that will help add nitrogen to the soil and is worth a fertilization a year.

This fall aerate your yard and then over-seed with a quality turf grass. Don't buy a "value" seed mix because you will get what you paid for.

Here are a couple of good articles you can read on steps to remove the moss from your turf.

Here is a nice calendar on when to do what what with your turf:

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