My Marionberries are Having Trouble

Asked June 25, 2020, 1:26 PM EDT

This is the strangest start to a season I have had in the last 20 years. The berries are falling off fairly easily whether ripe or not. Now this isn't true of all the unripe berries. The berries that are showing the pith and ready to fall off just haven't ripened all the way. What may be wrong? Bill

Clackamas County Oregon

1 Response

The symptoms you describe could be crumbly fruit.

Does what you see match that description?

If that site does not meet the description of what you are seeing, you can see the breadth of caneberry pests/disease here:

Match what you are seeing to the description of the damage on the pages.

Also, are your berry plants 20 years old? If yes, that could explain the situation. Eventually, berry plants need to be replaced. Plant viruses and diseases weaken plant and decrease fruit production over time.

If you plant are many years old, you might want to replace them at the end of this season. It can't hurt to move to a new location (bed) to minimize spreading potential diseases to the new planting.

Here's information that might help for planning and planting a new bed:

Good luck.