Ferns on the Oregon coast

Asked June 25, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT

Hello My sword ferns send up vibrant healthy shoots that turn brown. Each year I amend the soil with good compost, fertilize in the spring, and still they turn brown. I am the last house before the ocean--is it the proximity to the salt air? They are protected from the wind, and get about 4-6 hours each day of sun. Can't figure it out--I see so many healthy ferns all over the coast. Any ideas? Would appreciate any thoughts! Thanks in advance.

Lincoln County Oregon

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Western sword ferns do best in semi-shaded ares with moist, humus-rich, well drained soils. Normal browning of fronds usually occurs on the oldest fronds closest to the base.
This could be the result of a water problem. Too much water or too little water can cause premature browning of fronds. However, in this case, the pictures show tip damage and probably indicate some drought stress.
Ensure they get enough water in the spring and summer when they are actively producing fronds.