cost of chemicals (2-4-D and Telar)

Asked June 25, 2020, 1:15 PM EDT

Could you tell me how much to budget for hand spraying 200 acres of weeds with 2-4-D and Telar? Thank you.

Umatilla County Oregon

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There are a couple variables to look at to properly answer this question.
1) Cost of the product at the application rate. Telar for example can range from $7-40 per acre depending on the application rate you choose. 2-4 D will also be the similar, but at a cheaper scale.
2) Mode of application. Do you already have all the needed equipment to apply it? Or are you planning to hire it out? Labor can vary widely from $20-500 an acre depending on terrain and application type (tractor covering many acres an hour vs intense hand spraying at 1/4 acre an hour)

I'm sorry this doesn't give you a quick number for budgeting, but I hope if gives you an idea about what pieces to iron out before making a budget can be effective.

Please feel free to email me with more questions.