what up with this oak?

Asked June 25, 2020, 1:12 PM EDT

Hello, I sent in a picture a little while back and you let me know that there was a wool sower wasp gall in my oak tree. Thank you for that. Now I noticed something else on the same tree. Please see pictures. Are these also gall? There are 2 picture of what look to me to be different types of galls maybe? What makes a this trees so popular that they all want to be on this one tree? Thank you!

Talbot County Maryland

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You are correct, those are other examples of galls, none of which are harmful to your tree.
There are all kinds of cool galls, which officially are just abnormal tissue swelling.
More about them at this link: https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/shade-tree-galls

The reason that this tree is probably seeing more of them is because it is native and has evolved over a very long time with other flora and fauna (plants and animals) who live in beneficial relationship to this tree and each other. There is recent research by Doug Tallamy from the University of Deleware that says that native oaks are one of the most important trees to have in a healthy, biodiverse landscape, as they can support 400+ different species of insects which are an important part of the food web for birds, small mammals, reptiles, etc.
His books like Bringing Nature Home are important and widely available.