Shade plantings that are evergreen, variegated color, north exposure

Asked June 25, 2020, 9:46 AM EDT

Ca you provide any Bush/ shrub/ plant suggestions for this condition? The bed is 3ft by 12 ft and I currently have a hydrangea planted and am looking for companion plants.

Muskegon County Michigan

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There are several evergreen shrubs that tolerate shade that you could consider but, I’m assuming that since you put in the hydrangea, there is some sun. Yews which are one solid color, boxwood which is available in solid and variegated form, hemlocks, a dwarf version-Tsuga canadensis ‘Jeddeloh’ (otherwise, hemlocks would be too large for this location) and Falsecypress –Chamaecyparis, a slow growing interesting evergreen of varying colors. You also may find an azalea that may work. To find information about an azalea that is evergreen and appropriate to your Zone 6a landscape, go to the website of the American Rhododendron Society.

Of course, there are many herbaceous perennials that enjoy shade which will set off the planting. I suggest that you plant in groups to give the garden a cohesive appearance.

Good luck with your garden.

Thank you for your question.