Berry bush long forgotten or new visitor?

Asked June 24, 2020, 9:20 PM EDT

I planted several raspberry/blackberry bushes about 4-5 years ago which quickly became inadvertent lawnmower food. I thought they were gone. Is this them or some other berry bush? Fruits are red on the bush and mature to a dark purple/black. 3 photos attached- first, the berry itself in my hand - second, A pic of one of its leaves up close - third, a landscape pic with Red fruiting berry locations circled in yellow. Thanks in advance!

Saratoga County New York

2 Responses

I think that you have a mulberry tree popping up. The leaves are variable in shape and there are several common types, particularly Morus rubra and Morus alba, found in New York.

Thank you so much! I also think it is a mulberry bush as well now. What a neat treat!