Mulberry Bush or Tree Questions

Asked June 24, 2020, 4:21 PM EDT

There is are two trees (pictured) growing in our backyard that drop mulberries, I was unaware that mulberry bushes could become trees, or are they just overgrown bushes? The berries seem to fall off well before they are ripe (pictured), and the tree/bush doesn't seem to produce many berries at all. When they are ripe, they are almost black. The leaves (pictured) have divots on the sides, but not all of them, and some of them have very defined divots making lobes, but others don't have any and are just oval shaped. Are the berries safe to eat? If this is a mulberry tree, how can I get it to produce more berries? If it's not, what is it?

Carver County Minnesota

3 Responses

Mulberry trees can be male of female. They also have 2 shapes of leaves. They are also gender fluid. The inner tree may be too shaded to set fruit. With all the material stacked up over the root zone it may also be difficult for the trees to get enough water. Do a google search of "images mulberry trees"

I hadn't thought of that! I will work on moving the firewood to a different location. Thanks!

You are welcome. Birds love the fruit.