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Asked June 24, 2020, 2:39 PM EDT

Plants in our new raised beds are very yellow and some leaves are dying. Yellow plants include Blue Lake beans, butter lettuce, cucumber, and squash. Before planting, we mixed a small amount of composted steer manure into the beds after dirt from Grimm's was blown in. This was about two months ago. Rain was nonstop for a while, so we are uncertain about whether we should fertilize now or hold back, add a blended organic fertilizer or simply add bone meal for potassium. We also wonder about watering. We have a drip system. Should we water daily when it is hot or less often? How often? When will it be possible to speak with a Master Gardener? Our local master gardener's telephone line has a message but the mailbox is full. The message is out of date, saying they would close in March and re-open in April. Not helpful!

Multnomah County Oregon

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At issue are what you have done to the soil you purchased from Grimm's? Assuming it is garden soil and ready for planting and you added steer manure and have been watering there may be an issues of soil nutrient deficiency and/pH (acid/base) quality. You could get the soil tested locally to answer that question: A&L Western Agcltrl. Labs located in Tigard 10220 SW Nimbus Ave #9 503-968-9225. In general extra watering on these hot days is a good idea to supplement the drip (you did not mention the watering schedule). Mulching is always a good idea during these hot days to minimize evaporation. There are several good materials available for this also.
You have raised several important issues and I will have to supply some general information about vegetable gardening (above) and refer you to the Master Gardener information page for more immediate help since you sound a bit anxious and frustrated with your gardening issues. There is a web page for specific questions and I do not know if you have tried this one but it is good to have handy: metromastergardener.portland where you can leave questions in several formats. I hope this information will be helpful to at least begin the process and help address the questions.